This place is exactly what we are looking for, how do I schedule a tour?

Go to “Contact Us” on our website or email info@thejoinerychicago.com to request a tour.

Do I have to use a caterer from your Preferred Vendor List?

We do not have a Required Vendor List, so any properly licensed caterer is welcome. We will be happy to give you a list of our favorites however.

Can I have a DJ or a Band?

If they have insurance, DJs are welcome. Larger bands are too loud for the space but smaller groups are welcome during ceremony and cocktail hour.

Can I have food dropped off and then serve it myself?

No. It’s your party so enjoy it. If you want food dropped off, you’ll have to hire licensed staff to serve and clean up.

Do you have a parking lot?

No. But Homer Street has plenty of free parking. Alternatively, have guests take a ride-share or the CTA which has a stop 1 ½ blocks away. We do have a parking lot nearby you are welcome to rent for an additional fee.

Do I have to get alcohol from my caterer?

You can get it from wherever you would like. However, when it arrives at the venue, there must be servers there to serve it with an Off-premise City of Chicago Liquor License.

Are tables and chairs included in your rental price?


Do you have air conditioning?

Of course. And heat.

Is there wifi available at the space?

Yes. It is available to you and your guests as well if you want.

Do you have a music system we can use?

Yes. We have a Bluetooth perimeter speaker system or a portable Fender speaker system available for your use. For parties involving dancing it is recommended to provide your own louder system.

Do you get commissions from caterers and other vendors?


Do you set up for our event and then clean up afterwards?

No. Your caterer will or you can hire licensed staff to perform these duties.

Can we set up custom decorations?

Yes, within limits. We ask that you do not use mechanical fasteners (nails, screws, etc.) and that you remove the décor at the end of your event. You will need to hire a insured professional or get personal insurance for anything involving a ladder.

Are there hotels nearby?

The Robey is one train stop to the south.

What’s the best way to come to the Joinery?

We recommend ride-share or by public transportation.

How long does the rental time last? When can we start setting up?

Usually event times run from 2pm until 12am, but we will work with you to create a timeframe that makes sense for your event. Sunday weddings go from 12pm until 10pm for everyone’s convenience. If you would like to set up earlier than the contracted time you can access the space for $300/hr up to 10am.

Can we have our stuff dropped off the day before? How about picked up the day after?

Maybe. It depends if there are events scheduled the day before and after. We can usually let you know 1-2 weeks before your event.

Can my grandma cook the food and serve it?

If she is a licensed caterer, yes. Otherwise, no.

Are your bathrooms nice? How many toilets are there?

Bathrooms are very nice. And there are 4 of them, one with a baby changing table plus a private powder room connected to the bridal/ green room.

Is your space handicap accessible?

Yes, it is fully accessible including two ramps and 2 handicap bathrooms.

Do you have a coat room?

Yes, we have a coatroom with 160 numbered hangers for coat check.

Do you have any outdoor space?

Yes, we have a 1500sf side lot with a popup bar and highboys if you would like to use them in the space.

Are food trucks allowed?

We don’t allow food trucks for a late night snack but allow them for dinner as long as the food is being brought on to the premises.

Are there any restrictions on types of events?

We allow most event types. We are not a concert hall so we have restrictions on live music. Please contact us with your event ideas.

Do you have a kitchen?

Yes, we have a 500 sf kitchen with 2 fridges, prep area and two dishwashers. Caterers provide their own heat source. Our loading dock opens right up to the kitchen.

Do you have an event planner on staff?

Our team is available to help throughout the process but we do not have a full time event planner on staff. We will however have a person on site throughout the entirety of your event.

Do you have a dressing area?

Yes, aside from the 4 individual bathrooms we have a private green room available to change if need be.

Do we need insurance?

All your caterer’s need to have insurance. Personal insurance is not needed unless you are setting something up yourself that involves using a ladder.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed on the premises but is allowed in front of the building.

Are you involved in any green initiatives?

The Joinery is a member of The Green Wedding Alliance and was completely designed with sustainability practices in mind. We also strongly urge our caterers to use a recycling system at our facility.